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Domains with hyphen & SEO in 2012

SEO Ranking Factors in 2012

Are keywords rich domains still good for SEO?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY! For those of you that don’t know I am quite into buying keyword rich domains for web development, SEO, & reverse engineering purposes.  Last year in 2011, RevSystems, Inc designed a website for an authorized vendor of Smartpen by LiveScribe.  I suggested buying […]

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‘To Do’ list all Adwords Professional should have:

NYC Adwords professional

If you manage PPC campaings on MSN AdCenter or Google Adwords here is a check list that will come in handy: Test ads in ad group customers Tes ads in ad group new stuff Find negative keywords keyword research Set Bids Add Ad Extensions & Call Extensions Delete or pause underforming keywords Check URL is […]

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SEO for Video

I keep all my artices less than 250 words. This one is less than 100 words – Here is a short and simple way to get your videos indexed by Google. Google Webmaster Central Blog posted today that is the recommended way to describe and markup a Video. Instead of just having the embedded […]

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Responsive Web Design:

Manik Rathee (Graphic & UI Designer) demonstrates the redesign for RevSystems website using Responsive Techniques: Video: Responsive Design Video

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To Sitemap or not to Sitemap

content spider SEO

I’ll get straight to the point – Small websites don’t need a Sitemap. Google will easily index a small website without a Sitemap, so there is very little point in building a Sitemap for a small site. Google’s John Mueller stated: “With a site of that size, you don’t really need a Sitemap file, we’ll […]

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Understanding Google’s new page layout algorithm


I’ll get straight to the point again (As I usually get to the substance within less than 250 words)- Google’s new algorithm is targeting websites that choose to display ads that run above the fold: The section of a webpage visible without scrolling. This is good for the Web Design community. This will benefit websites […]

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The Old SEO and The New SEO Process of 2012

Here is the typical SEO Process as it has been defined over the years: 1.) Research: Research main keywords using various tools, analytics, and competitor analysis. 2.) Structure: Develop structure for keywords on each page. 3.) On-Site SEO: Optimize keywords on each page and updated META Tags. 4.) Link Building: Build links to homepage & […]

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The Pay Per Click War!

The Pay Per Click War

Win the PPC war with 3 competitive metrics: 1.) Quality Score 2.) Impression Share 3.) Relative Click Through Rate About Quality Score: Every time your keyword matches a search query thats when Quality Score is calculated. So the higher your Quality Score, the better ad position and a lower cpc. Improve your Quality Score by […]

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