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Domains with hyphen & SEO in 2012

SEO Ranking Factors in 2012

Are keywords rich domains still good for SEO?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY! For those of you that don’t know I am quite into buying keyword rich domains for web development, SEO, & reverse engineering purposes.  Last year in 2011, RevSystems, Inc designed a website for an authorized vendor of Smartpen by LiveScribe.  I suggested buying […]

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‘To Do’ list all Adwords Professional should have:

NYC Adwords professional

If you manage PPC campaings on Google or Bing Ads here is a check list that will come in handy: Test ads in ad group customers Tes ads in ad group new stuff Find negative keywords keyword research Set Bids Add Ad Extensions & Call Extensions Delete or pause underforming keywords Check URL is going […]

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SEO for Video

I keep all my artices less than 250 words. This one is less than 100 words – Here is a short and simple way to get your videos indexed by Google. Google Webmaster Central Blog posted today that is the recommended way to describe and markup a Video. Instead of just having the embedded […]

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Responsive Web Design:

Manik Rathee (Graphic & UI Designer) demonstrates the redesign for RevSystems website using Responsive Techniques: Video: Responsive Design Video Newly designed website built using Media Queries (responsive), progressive enhancement and live text via Typekit Ethan Marcotte’s ‘Responsive Web Design’ book talks about the main objective of responsive web design: It’s the inherent flexibility of […]

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To Sitemap or not to Sitemap

content spider SEO

I’ll get straight to the point – Small websites don’t need a Sitemap. Google will easily index a small website without a Sitemap, so there is very little point in building a Sitemap for a small site. Google’s John Mueller stated: “With a site of that size, you don’t really need a Sitemap file, we’ll […]

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Understanding Google’s new page layout algorithm


I’ll get straight to the point again (As I usually get to the substance within less than 250 words)- Google’s new algorithm is targeting websites that choose to display ads that run above the fold: The section of a webpage visible without scrolling. This is good for the Web Design community. This will benefit websites […]

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The Old SEO and The New SEO Process of 2012

Here is the typical SEO Process as it has been defined over the years: 1.) Research: Research main keywords using various tools, analytics, and competitor analysis. 2.) Structure: Develop structure for keywords on each page. 3.) On-Site SEO: Optimize keywords on each page and updated META Tags. 4.) Link Building: Build links to homepage & […]

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The Pay Per Click War!

The Pay Per Click War

Win the PPC war with 3 competitive metrics: 1.) Quality Score 2.) Impression Share 3.) Relative Click Through Rate About Quality Score: Every time your keyword matches a search query thats when Quality Score is calculated. So the higher your Quality Score, the better ad position and a lower cpc. Improve your Quality Score by […]

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