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Interstitials: Good or Bad SEO for Pharma sites

Pharma interstitial on mobile pages

Google recently announced that they will be updating their Search Engine Algorithm to flag or penalize sites that have “intrusive” interstitial that get in the users way. ┬áSo the question is, will pharma HCP or Professional sites be flagged or penalized by Google for having the ISI or Boxed Warning as an Interstitial? This new […]

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Vanity URLs for Pharma Industry

vanity URLs in pharma. To have or not to have

Are Vanity URLs still allowed in Pharma The answer is: Yes and No. It depends on which adverting channel you are referring to. Here is the scoop: For Print: Vanity URLs are still an effective advertising tool in Pharma that can help with marketing/tracking and they can be more memorable for our target audiences. For […]

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