Pharma Paid Search (SEM) ads that are “Approved Limited”


It’s completely normal for all pharma ads to have this type of restriction(s).  It’s only an issue if the ads are not serving/performing.

Approved Limited is a very widely used label that doesn’t always mean that your ad is limited.  With the pharma ads, there are quite a few of these that wouldn’t be allowed to run in other countries, so they’re marked as approved limited.  Even if you’re not targeting these countries, the label will still appear.  All it means is that it’s restricted somewhere, not necessarily the place that you’re targeting.

Because this label is so broad, you often times have to look further at the details to see if it’s actually restricting visibility.  If the ads are running currently, then most likely they’re ok.  If you’d like me to take a look at specific accounts, let me know, but don’t be too thrown off by the label.  Your ads are almost always going to show Approved Limited.

Article by Performance Agency

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