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Organic Results vs. Paid Results: Courtsey of WordStream

Google organic versus paid

This research was brought to you by the Google AdWords certified experts from WordStream. Article by Performance Agency

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A Great Website is Defined by Great Content


If you’re a website owner, you need to understand why content is so important. In a web-driven world, it’s critical to stand out from your competitors and creating unique, quality content is one sure-fire way to do so. If you’re not creating quality content that you’re proud of, you’re shortchanging yourself and your site in many […]

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Detect bad links


For NYC SEO Experts visit: Your All-in-One-Kit to quickly detect bad Links Locate all “bad” links with our automated detection rules, and get rid of all toxic ones Article by Performance Agency For SEO in NJ visit:

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Had Google Authorship on your WordPress site in 6 easy steps

Google Authorship Markup

Here is a quick way to add Google Authorship on your WP site: Step 1 – Go to your wordpress admin dashboard, appearance, widget. Step 2 – Create a text widget and place it to your sidebar. Google+ Step 3 – Enter the following html code and hit save: Step 4 – Go to your […]

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Dan Petrovic’s Top 5 SEO predictions for 2013

seo in 2013

Here are Dan’s TOP 5 SEO predictions for 2013 Nothing that dramatic will happen suddenly. I predict series of search algorithm improvements and am optimistic that webmasters will slowly turn away from tricks and shortcuts to secure their rankings. I’d like to think that Google Glass will have an impact on how we think about […]

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5 Amazing Tips for eCommerce sites for Cyber Monday

SEO tips for cyber monday

Last year on November 28th 2011, consumers spend a whopping $1.25 million dollars in ONE DAY (Cyber Monday)!   Here are some tips for eCommerce website owners that will help spur cyber Monday sales. Tip #1: Customize your URL Customize one of your landing pages URL’s or subdomain to ‘Black Friday Online” i.e.  This particular keyword generates over 100,000 […]

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YouTube Analytics

youtube analytics

This month (October 2012) YouTube Blog announced that have adjusted their ranking algorithm to include the time a video was watched.  The new metrics will give insight into the Top Geographies, Gender, Discovery (includes where the video was watched) and Top traffic sources.  Their new “Data Filter’ will allow you to filter by Content, Geography, and Date.  The ‘Engagement’ snapshot shows how […]

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Google’s Exact Match Domain update and more…


The graph above explains the Exact Match Domains in SERPs.  The lower percentage data in Google & Bing represents the search results that contain EMD. Last week Google tweaked their search engine algorithm, they released Exact Match Domain (EMD) update that targets keyword rich domain In addition, Google Search Engine has been really busy in August […]

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Gmail in personal search results on Google

GMail in search results

Google recently announced a field trial that will display Gmail in personal search results. The results from your emails that are relevant to the Keyword will be displayed on the right side of the search engine results page. The search results will reveal emails, shared links, contacts, in addition, Google has also added an enhanced […]

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Should you build a website for each location you have presence in?

web building

This is a really nice article that was posted by Barry Schwartz on the One of the most common questions I get is, should I build a web site for each location I have a presence in? If I run a barber chain and I want to rank for barber in each city, should […]

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