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Pharma Paid Search (SEM) ads that are “Approved Limited”


It’s completely normal for all pharma ads to have this type of restriction(s).  It’s only an issue if the ads are not serving/performing. Approved Limited is a very widely used label that doesn’t always mean that your ad is limited.  With the pharma ads, there are quite a few of these that wouldn’t be allowed […]

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Domains Vs Subdomains

subdomain vs domain

Here is my point on view on why I prefer not to have sub-domains.  I broke the pro’s down by their respective category (Organic, Paid, UX, & Development): Organic Search Larger sites tend to perform better on Search. In addition, Alexa/Compete ranks sites based on traffic and engagement, separating them can hurt the sites Compete […]

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Vanity URLs for Pharma Industry

vanity URLs in pharma. To have or not to have

Are Vanity URLs still allowed in Pharma The answer is: Yes and No. It depends on which adverting channel you are referring to. Here is the scoop: For Print: Vanity URLs are still an effective advertising tool in Pharma that can help with marketing/tracking and they can be more memorable for our target audiences. For […]

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Banner Ad’s on SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Virgin America

Google is testing a massive banner ad for their SERPs (search engine results page.) The can be a HUGE game changer in the display ad network. This story just broke out on twitter & blogs yesterday. I found the screen shots on twitter (see attached.) Google has confirmed that they are testing these large banner […]

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Organic Results vs. Paid Results: Courtsey of WordStream

Google organic versus paid

This research was brought to you by the Google AdWords certified experts from WordStream. Article by Performance Agency

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Google Product Search is now Paid Google Product Search

Google Product now PPC

Earlier this month, Google caused a big stir among marketers with major changes to one of its services. Google Product Search, which lets consumers find and compare products from online stores, will become Google Shopping. It’s changing not only its name, but its business model: instead of receiving free listings, business owners must now pay […]

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Organic Search Results are based on your IP Address


Most people in the SEO industry knows that users get results based on their location, especially with Google Places and Google Adwords. In addition, Google Organic Search Results and other major Search Engine Results are also based on your IP Address and here is some evidence of it: I did a quick search for ‘Local […]

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SEO: Infographic in Action

infographic nyc

Here is a really effective infographic. Courtsey of Ian Lurie @Portent: By Conversation Marketing Article by Performance Agency

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‘To Do’ list all Adwords Professional should have:

NYC Adwords professional

If you manage PPC campaings on Google or Bing Ads here is a check list that will come in handy: Test ads in ad group customers Tes ads in ad group new stuff Find negative keywords keyword research Set Bids Add Ad Extensions & Call Extensions Delete or pause underforming keywords Check URL is going […]

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The Pay Per Click War!

The Pay Per Click War

Win the PPC war with 3 competitive metrics: 1.) Quality Score 2.) Impression Share 3.) Relative Click Through Rate About Quality Score: Every time your keyword matches a search query thats when Quality Score is calculated. So the higher your Quality Score, the better ad position and a lower cpc. Improve your Quality Score by […]

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