Domains Vs Subdomains

Here is my point on view on why I prefer not to have sub-domains.  I broke the pro’s down by their respective category (Organic, Paid, UX, & Development):

Organic Search

  • Larger sites tend to perform better on Search. In addition, Alexa/Compete ranks sites based on traffic and engagement, separating them can hurt the sites Compete & Alexa score, which can than negatively impact search ranking.
  • Google will not rank the sub-domain high enough for Branded/Unbranded terms since both sites target similar/same keywords. Google looks at subdomain as a separate individual standalone site (therefore, the engagement/analytics on the sub domain might be extremely poor and/or not justifiable)

Paid Search:

  • We would need additional funds, new ad copy, and a new ad campaign to target and drive traffic to the sub-domain
  • If there is a sub-domain, we can double serve ads on Google and other major search engines which can increase SOV & Impression Share

UX & Messaging:

  • Having both sites on the same domain can make it will be easier for visitors to navigate from one landing page to another and messaging is consistent on both landing pages

Development (Dev)/Cost savings:

  • There is a cost/time savings associated if both sites are on the same domain and as long as one agency is manages both sites. If we break the sites, we will managing/maintaining two separate sites instead of one

Keep in mind, for some sites (particlulary large brands) having a Subdomain can help from a content stragety perspective, i.e. a site that wants to start a rewards and enrollment program might benefit from a subdomain.

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