Now on Tap will impact they way users search

Google now on tap

Simply put, I love the ‘Now on Tap‘ feature that Google recently released on their Android M Smartphone! This Google feature actually solves a problem! It allows users to get information quickly and most importantly without leaving your app and fumbling from one app to the next. “It helps you get things done as few steps as possible…We want to proactively bring you answers” Chennapragada said.

Now on Tap:

The Tap and Hold button can assist you in the moment by utilizing Google Knowledge Graph. Even without using the voice feature, ‘Google Now on Tap’ contextually scans what is on the screen and automatically searches for keywords and provides results so you don’t have to fumble around going from one app to the next.
Another cool example of ‘Now on Taop: You can be listening to Jay Z song on your phone and ask Google Now “What’s is real name” to get an answer right away. You can check out additional features by watching the video posted on TheVerge: Link to TheVerge video

In conclusion, Google Now on Tap Makes App Search Optimization More Critical Than Ever!

Article by Performance Agency