5 Amazing Tips for eCommerce sites for Cyber Monday

SEO tips for cyber monday

Last year on November 28th 2011, consumers spend a whopping $1.25 million dollars in ONE DAY (Cyber Monday)!   Here are some tips for eCommerce website owners that will help spur cyber Monday sales.

Tip #1: Customize your URL

Customize one of your landing pages URL’s or subdomain to ‘Black Friday Online” i.e.  www.shopping.com/black-friday-online.  This particular keyword generates over 100,000 search a month (broad search type)  Having your website on page #1 for that keyword can have a significant impact on your online revenue since only Target and Amazon seem to be a true e-commerce that appear on page #1 for that keyword.

Scenario #1: “Black Friday Online” is keyword that generates more than 100,000 hits a month!  So if you have a high Google Page Rank with high Domain Authority you might find your website on page #1 of Google.

Scenarios #2:  If your website doesn’t have high page rank, low domain authority, and has been around less than 3-5 years consider optimizing keywords (with 4 digit year) i.e. “2012 Thanksgiving Sale” or “Thanksgiving Deals 2012”  These keywords are tend be have low competition, high conversion, and can be easier to optimize.

Tip #2:  Pay close attention to your Email Campaign

Now more than ever you need to have KEYWORDS in the email.  Here is why:

Tip #3Get Online Traffic via Referral:

List some of your products on eBay, Amazon, and even Craigslist!  But BE SURE to post a link of your website in the description of your ad.  Most SEO Consultants know that Amazon & eBay are ‘nofollow’ links (meaning search engines don’t follow) and therefore you might not get SEO benefits from it.  However, being in the SEO industry for over 5 years I can tell you that referral traffic does boost your RANKING on Google!!!  See screen shot of Google Analytics; they got 3,000 hits from eBay in one month! (Screen Shot #2).  Enough said.

Tip #4: Create a Landing Page:

If your ecommerce website sells everything under the sun or has more than 1 category.  Create a Landing Page and talk about a specific group of products in ONE given category.  This will make it easier for Search Engine and their friends (Google Bots) to determine what you are selling.  There dozens of case studies out there that have already PROVEN the ROI on Landing Pages.

Tip #5: Call to Action & Design:

There are a ton of e-commerce site that are out of touch with the way the younger generation are using smart phone to search for products and services.  Your website might appeal to various groups and might be ‘flashy’, but your competition might have a ‘user centric’ website that actually appeals to your customer.  Once advice – Think Mobile First!